Nurturing the Light in Times of Darkness

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Sunday, October 29, 9:15 am How (Much) To Think about Donald Trump? For both his supporters and opponents our President looms large in the news, and in our minds. It seems we cannot not think about him. But how to think about him is a daily question. Hold him in the Light, or take a stance of resistance? Follow political events closely, or detach? We will discuss our personal strategies for processing this Presidency, and leadings provided by our common Quaker values.

Sunday, November 12, 9:15 a.m. Difficult Conversations (for Difficult Times) A child says to a parent that she feels threatened by things happening in the world. How to respond? And how to talk (or not talk) to a co-worker or family member on the opposite end of the political spectrum? What to say to a worried immigrant? How to skillfully and lovingly handle these and other hard conversations?—we’ll put our minds and hearts together. 

Wednesday, December 6, 7 p.m. Dealing with Darkness As Friends we hold each other and the world in the Light. But there also seems to be much that is dark in the world—and in ourselves. How do we face dark events and political forces without feeling overwhelmed? How do we avoid being sucked into dark emotional reactivity? And how do own up to our own “shadow side” rather than demonizing others? If we learn to deal well with darkness we will more effectively let the light shine through us.

On Sundays, bring your own breakfast, if desired – coffee and tea supplied.