Young Friends

The Young Friends (YF) is a group of high school age youth from both Stony Run and Homewood Meetings. They typically meet on Sunday mornings at 11:00 in the Stony Run library. On the first Sunday of the month they meet downstairs on the sun porch of the dining room and have Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Bagels, which is their business meeting. (The name is a take-off on the Meeting for Worship with a concern for Business, which is what the Meeting-wide business meeting is called.) On the second Sunday of the month, they meet at Homewood Meeting at 10:30.  Some YF meet in the Stony Run parking lot and carpool at 10:00. 

On other Sundays Young Friends plan various activities. One common activity is Four Corners, which is a way for YF to consider all perspectives on an issue. The Four Corners are 'Strongly Agree,' 'Somewhat Agree,' 'Strongly Disagree,' and 'Somewhat Disagree.' A statement is made, for example: "It's ok to lie in order to avoid hurting someone's feelings." Each Friend chooses a corner to stand in and take turns explaining why they chose that corner. Friends are free to move to another corner at any time based on hearing others' positions.

Other activities include service projects. Previous projects have included cleaning up at Amazing Grace, organizing a Meeting-wide picnic at the burial grounds, a pie bake fundraiser, and baking cookies for the Meeting's holiday carol singing. Sometimes YF prepare simple lunch for the community after Meeting. They also organize the children's Easter assembly.

To be sure you know the latest information about where YF might be at any given time, please check the Facebook page.

Some Young Friends attend regional conferences (called con's) that are sponsored by Baltimore Yearly Meeting (BYM). Cons run from Friday evening through Sunday lunch. These gatherings are typically held in September, November, February, April, and May. 

The BYM Young Friends group, which is made up of Young Friends from Monthly Meetings throughout the Yearly Meeting region, have their own website, where you can find out more about cons. 

By the way, if you're an adult, you can be a Friendly Adult Presence (FAP) at one of the cons. FAPs are also called Loving Adult Friends (LAFs). More adults are always needed, so volunteer if you can.