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"The Society of Friends is about nothing else but personal experience of the power and presence of God, and what arises spontaneously from that personal experience."
Bernard Canter, in Nothing But This Present

January 14 at Stony Run:

8:30 am     Nominating Committee, in Room 203
9:15 am     Child care, until 12:15, in the Roberts Room
9:15 am     Words Matter:  More Conversations About Race, in the Dining Room
9:30 am     Meeting for Worship, in the Meeting Room
9:30 am     Trustees, in Room 104
10:30 am   Juice and time to visit, in the Library
10:35 am   Hymn singing, in the Meeting Room
11:00 am  Meeting for Worship, in the Meeting Room
11:20 am   First Day School
12:00 pm   Simple Lunch, in the Dining Room
12:30 pm   Meeting of the 70+ Club, in Room 104
2:00 pm    Programmed Worship, in the Meeting Room



Words Matter: More conversations about race.  Let’s practice!  These conversations can be awkward.  We may keep silent in the face of an uncomfortable or confusing situation because we have no idea what to say or we fear saying the ‘wrong’ thing.  The Working Group on Racism (WGR) again invites you to bring your own anecdotes about times you wanted to, or thought you should, or you did, speak up.  The WGR will also provide scenarios for small group role-plays.
Young Friends & Junior Young Friends will hold their monthly business meeting on the Sunporch.
Meeting of the 70+ Club:  Grab lunch and meet for further discussion of ideas for elder care.  Everyone is welcome to join with those who attended the first session back in November.  The January Newsletter has details of that initial planning session.
Programmed worship:  Everyone is invited to monthly worship with Kenyan and Evangelical/ Orthodox Quakers from the Baltimore area.
Saturday, January 20, from 10 am to 1 pm:  Baltimore Yearly Meeting’s Working Group on Racism comes to Stony Run.  Everyone is invited to attend the meetings of this group.  Their meeting location varies so that more Friends can participate, and this is our turn to be the host.
Sunday, January 21, at 9:30 am and again at 1 pm:  Listening sessions with the Vision, Functions and Structure ad hoc committee, for Friends to provide input about the functions necessary to carry forward the five-prong vision already defined.  See the January Newsletter for details.  Contact Phil Fratesi with comments and/or questions.
Saturday, January 27, from 6 to 9 pm:  Game Night – All-Ages Fun!  Bring the kids, a dish for a pot luck, your favorite board game, and perhaps some friends who might be interested in learning more about Stony Run and Quakers.  Sponsored by the Outreach Working Group.  Contact Paul Phillips for information.
Sunday, February 4, at 6 pm:  2018 Souper Bowl, to benefit GEDCO’s CARES.  Bring a dish to share and a financial contribution for CARES.  We will gather at the home of Alice Cherbonnier; she has a large television screen for those who want to watch the game, while others can concentrate on socializing.  Please RSVP to sroffice@stonyrunfriends.org by Wednesday, January 31.
Saturday, February 10, at 6 pm:  STRIDE pot luck and in-depth discussion of how Baltimore Yearly Meeting’s Camping Program is working to make racial and economic diversity a lasting reality at our Quaker camps, which for many decades have been incubators for young Friends’ faith and vibrant commitment to Quakerism.  Childcare will be provided if requested by Wednesday, February 7; please direct your requests for child care, and any questions, to Martha Barss.
Sunday, February 11, at 1 pm:  Workshop on spirit-based child-raising, sponsored by the Religious Education Committee.  Friends have expressed a wish to receive input and support for spirit-based child-raising.  Parents, grandparents and other caregivers are especially invited to attend this session, but everyone is welcome.  Child care will be provided.
Sunday, February 11, from 5 to 8 pm:  Please join the Stony Run Initiative to support McKim, Unified Efforts, and Burundi.  Come to a potluck supper to discuss how Stony Run could begin to make the process of distributing money to organizations and programs cooperative and organic.  Bring a dish to share if you can.  Contact Sandi Morton for more information.
Property Committee is organizing an ad hoc committee regarding renovation of the kitchen.  If you would like to participate, please contact Carol Currotto.
Racial Justice Events in the Baltimore Area:  The January listing is on the hallway table (pink paper).  This is an important month, with the start of the online book club "The Art of Activism: Hard Core Conversations Book Club" and many events related to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Have a look, and find an event that might be challenging but also rewarding.
Zawadi Dance is assisting two refugee families who need help with home equipment and furnishings.  See the current list, updated on January 3, of needed items; it’s on the hall table (goldenrod paper) and includes contact information for Zawadi.
Please include items for GEDCO’s CARES pantry while food shopping.  You may leave donated items in the upstairs hallway or on the lower level by the rear staircase.  The CARES pantry is especially in need of jelly, pasta sauce, canned tomatoes, and canned vegetables.
Social Order Box:  Donations this month go to the African Great Lakes Initiative of Friends Peace Teams.  Please see the flyer on the hall table for information about AGLI.  The Social Order Box stands in the hallway by the Library entrance; make checks payable to Stony Run Friends, with ‘S.O. Box’ on the memo line.
Office hours:  The Meeting office is open Monday–Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm; on Fridays, the office is open until 11:30 am.  The office will be closed on Monday, January 15.  Please note:  when Friends School is opening late or is closed due to winter weather, Stony Run’s office does likewise.
Meeting Facilitator’s schedule:  Larry Reid’s work week runs Sunday through Thursday.  His hours vary to allow for evening meetings and weekend events.
First Day silent announcements:  Items to be included are due by noon on the preceding Wednesday.
Monthly Newsletter:  Reports, news and articles are due by the 15th of the preceding month.
Paper copies of the current issue are available in the upstairs rear hallway, just past the photo gallery.  Contact the office to have the newsletter (and First Day silent announcements) emailed to you.
During 2018, the Meeting’s operating budget includes $2500 in Nurture Funds to support the spiritual growth of our members and regular attenders.  If you need assistance to attend a conference or course relating to spiritual development, the Clerks of Meeting, Community Care & Clearness (CCC), Ministry & Counsel, Religious Education (RE), and Baltimore Quaker Peace & Justice (BQP&J) can recommend up to $300 for you.  Please ask!  The request form is available on the Meeting’s website and in the Office mail cubby at the meetinghouse.  The Funds Review & Use Committee (FRAUC) keeps track of all recommendations so we don’t overspend the budget.

Giving Committee members:  Margaret Allen, Janet Daley, Lynn Jordan, John Merrill (clerk), Sandi Morton, Rebecca Snyder, Beth Wells