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“I belong to a tradition that really emphasizes finding God in community, and in listening deeply within for the inner light; the inner teacher.“                          
Eileen Flanagan

October 2, 2022:

9:30 am     Unprogrammed Meeting for Worship, in person
11:00 am   Unprogrammed Meeting for Worship, in person and Zoom
11:00 am   Programmed Meeting for Worship (Friends Church Baltimore), in person and Zoom
12:15 pm   Simple Lunch, in the dining room
1:00 pm     Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business, in person and Zoom
See below for details.



UNPROGRAMMED Meeting for Worship is held at 9:30 and 11 am on First Day. Those who gather for 9:30 worship will decide whether to meet outdoors or in the meeting room.  At 11 am, the meeting room and Zoom merge for worship.  Childcare for all ages is provided from 9:15 to 12:15 pm.  Children aged 5 years and older are encouraged to participate in worship from 11 to 11:20, followed by First Day School.
Everyone is invited to attend Meeting for Worship in person.   In the meeting room, overhead fans, a window exhaust fan, and air filtering machines will be running, so please dress accordingly.   Use the meetinghouse for as many community activities as possible. Remove your mask as you feel comfortable doing so; be respectful of the comfort of others.  Get vaccinated, take precautions, and stay home if you have symptoms.  Our most recent guidelines for the full opening of the meetinghouse are at http://www.stonyrunfriends.org/srcms/sites/default/files/meetingdocs/COV....
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) can help you determine if you have Covid-19 symptoms and/or whether you should take extra precautions.
To participate in the 11 am UNPROGRAMMED worship via Zoom, browse to this address: https://zoom.us/j/4437032591?pwd=eTZGVlZibkJZM1B3NE9BM3hneUlHdz09.  Those who will have an audio-only connection can call 301-715-8592.  The meeting ID is 443 703 2591 and the password is 5116. 
PROGRAMMED worship is held by Friends Curch Blatimore at 11 am.  Worshippers can participate in person at Friends School or via Zoom at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2191246811?pwd=SXdDcERuWStCOGt0alBTTndGSFg1Zz09
Those who will have an audio‐only connection can call 301‐715‐8592 and use meeting ID 219 124 6811 and the password 546780.
Upcoming Events
Every Tuesday at 8 pm via Zoom:  Bible Study.  The Meeting ID and password are the same as for programmed worship on First Day.  For information, contact Pastor Ronald Moyia of Friends Church Baltimore.
October 2 at 1:00pm: Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business, in the meeting room as well as via the Zoom address for unprogrammed worship.
Sunday, October 9, from 1 to 2 pm:  Bible Study with Paul Isayi, via the Zoom address for unprogrammed worship.  Held on the second First Day of the month.  Contact Paul if you have questions. Please read the Book Acts of the Apostles 1,2,3 with emphasis on the advent of the Holy Spirit promise in vs 4-8. The cross reference is on John 15:14, 26,27 and John 16:7-15.
Thursday, October 13 at 7:00pm: - Quaker Voice has endorsed the national Quaker Call to Action. We encourage F/friends to learn more about the call by visiting the website hosted by American Friends Services. Please register to attend.
Friends in the Change Group invite you to a discussion of "Radical Transformation: Long Overdue for the Religious Society of Friends," a new Pendle Hill pamphlet by Vanessa Julye.  The pamphlet addresses the impact of White Supremacy on Quakerism and possibilities for transformation. The discussion will be on October 9th, 9:30-10:45 in the double classroom downstairs.  If you do not already have the pamphlet, it can be ordered at www.pendlehill.org OR, heard on YouTube. A follow-up discussion may be scheduled for a later time if needed. If you wish to attend by Zoom, please contact Adrian Bishop for a link.
Baltimore Yearly Meeting’s Women’s Retreat is now open for registration online at  https://www.bym-rsf.org/events/womens-retreat/. The retreat is scheduled for Saturday, October 8th, from 10am-6pm at Adelphi Friends Meeting.
The Funds Review and Use Committee (FRAUC) is looking for suggestions of how the Meeting should distribute approximately $33,500 from a bequest we have recently received. For more information, please see the Comly Tithe Proposals documents found at http://www.stonyrunfriends.org/srcms/meeting-documents.
From the Stony Run Peace and Justice committee:  Save the Date: Sunday, November 20 at 3:00pm, author & activist George Lakey will speak at Homewood Friends Meeting in support of his 11th book, Dancing with History: a life for peace and justice. The event will be preceded by the monthly Black Lives Matter Interfaith Coalition Rally from 1:30 - 2:30 along Charles Street. 
Registration (for both in-person and online participants) will open in October. For questions, please contact Maria Brown or the Homewood office homewoodfriends@gmail.com.
PLEASE don’t forget about the CARES food pantry.  The overall need is a dire one, however CARES has the highest priority need of mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, canned tuna, spaghetti sauce, peanut butter, canned fruit, canned pasta meals, one-pound packages of rice, jelly, and snacks (granola bars, packages of crackers or raisins). [Please place donations that might attract mice in the plastic storage box on the bench just inside the downstairs entry; mouse-proof items can go into the open box on the bench.]  CARES could also use paper grocery bags, especially those with sturdy handles.  
A volunteer will take your donations to CARES – or you can send a financial contribution to the meetinghouse, with the check made payable to Stony Run Friends and with ‘CARES’ on the memo line.  With the school year ended, families with children need food assistance even more. Many thanks from GEDCO to all who continue to support CARES.
Social Order Box:  Donations for October goes to Roberta's House. Roberta's House programs focus on restoring children and families, who are experiencing grief, to a place of wholeness by teaching coping skills that lead to positive outcomes.  Programs are free and offered to entire communities in Baltimore.  The programs are led by licensed professionals and trained volunteers who understand the impact of grief. The crisis intervention program includes on site response to schools, agencies and other institutions following violence, trauma or death of staff, students or others; support for first responders when a homicide occurs by assisting and comforting families with grief support services, being present during the homicide announcement to loved ones; assistance in handling matters pertaining to the deceased such as contacting funeral homes, retrieving loved ones' personal times, and more.  More information at robertashouse.org. 
Donations for the Social Order Box can be mailed to the meetinghouse or placed in the box standing at the entrance to the library; you can also select the ‘Donate’ option at www.stonyrunfriends.org to make an online contribution.  Make checks payable to Stony Run Friends, with ‘S.O. Box’ on the memo line.
The Meeting’s Funds Review and Use Committee (FRAUC) has funds available for grants in 2022. Grants are available from the Meeting's Nurture, Discretionary Outreach, Community Service and Eldercare funds. To start the request process, print out and complete the FRAUC application form, available online at http://www.stonyrunfriends.org/srcms/meeting-documents. Requests should be submitted, preferably in PDF or Word format, by email to Gail Breyer. NOTE: There may be a delay in FRAUC decision making when applications are submitted by mail.
From the Office
Weekly announcements:  The deadline to submit events or announcements to Najah is noon each Wednesday.  Earlier submission, if possible, is recommended in case additional information is needed.
Deadline for the November newsletter is October 15th.
Giving to the Meeting
Contributions toward the Meeting’s operating budget can be mailed to the meetinghouse or placed in the wall-mounted box next to the elevator; you can also select the ‘Donate’ option at www.stonyrunfriends.org to make online contributions.
If you donate securities to the Meeting, please let our office know. The broker that receives them for us cannot identify the donor, and we want to make sure that your gift is recorded properly.