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"One never brings anything to meeting with the certainty of giving it there, but one tries not to come empty."
Douglas V. Steere, in A Quaker Meeting for Worship

April 5:

9:30 am     Meeting for Worship, via Zoom
11:00 am   Meeting for Worship, via Zoom
1:00 pm     Meeting for Woeship with a Concern for Business, via Zoom


The meetinghouse is closed until further notice due to Covid-19.  This means that Meeting for Worship, Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business, and other Meeting activities cannot be held inside the meetinghouse.  
Friends are invited to join online Meetings for Worship, where we can see and hear each other using Zoom video conferencing.  These remote worship gatherings will be at 9:30 and 11 am every First Day while worship at the meetinghouse is suspended.  We will also use Zoom to host committee meetings and Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business on April 5.  If you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a camera and a microphone, you can participate with both picture and sound.  If not, you can phone in and still be part of the meeting.
To participate in a Zoom video conference, browse to this address:  
For voice-only participation, call 301-715-8592.
The Meeting ID is 443 703 2591.
The password is 5116.
If you are asked for a Participant ID, press “#” if you don’t know it.
Please note that your microphone will be muted upon entry. You will need to un-mute it before you speak.  The microphone icon will have a red line through it when the microphone is muted.
If you have not used Zoom before please test your connection, using the link above, before the time of your first meeting.  We will not be able to help people resolve technical issues once a meeting has begun.  Email Larry Reid if you need some help connecting via Zoom.
Thank you for your forbearance during these challenging times.
There are more ways we can hear each other’s voices and share hopes and fears:
Friends have inquired about mid-week worship using Zoom; if interested, contact Larry Reid (Pendle Hill has online worship every morning – visit www.pendlehill.org for information.)
Ministry & Counsel invites Friends of all ages to submit letters, essays, prayers, journal entries, poems and pictures about your own experience during this historic time.  These special writings and art can be emailed to sroffice@stonyrunfriends.org or mailed to Stony Run Friends Meeting, 5116 N. Charles Street, Baltimore MD 21210.
We can also stay connected by telephoning each other.  Look through Stony Run’s online Directory for inspiration.  [Go to www.stonyrunfriends.org, click on About Stony Run, and then click on Meeting Directory.   You will need a log-in, and you can request one at our website.
If you’d like someone to call you, send an email with your phone number, to sroffice@stonyrunfriends.org or call the meetinghouse (443-703-2590).
Some other suggestions from the clerk of Ministry & Counsel
Simple Worship Option: A seamless, all-inclusive, simple approach may speak to those who prefer a less complex form of worship.  Wherever you are – at home, on a nature trail, in your favorite chair, etc. – we can all (distantly) connect in silent prayer.
Simple Outdoor Gathering Option:  We are fortunate to have ample outdoor space at Stony Run where we can gather without violating the CDC’s six foot spacing recommendation.  The front porch, the rain garden and other open spaces serve those who would appreciate being on the grounds.  Last week, I did just that during our regular 11am Meeting for Worship, but individual visits need not be on First Day.  Debbie Ramsey, Ministry and Counsel (Clerk)
Events Postponed or Cancelled:
Friendly Eats gatherings will be rescheduled.
Memorial worship for Don Gann will be rescheduled.
All-Meeting Budget Discussion will be rescheduled.
Upcoming Events – Subject to rescheduling or cancellation.
Thursday, April 9, from 7 to 8 pm:  Social Hour via Zoom, an informal time to share what's going on in our lives or just enjoy seeing each other's on-screen faces.  We'll start with a few minutes of silent worship, and then we will have unstructured time to visit with each other until 8:00 pm. Please join in for a little while or the full hour. You can join by computer or just dial in on your phone!
Thursday, April 9, at 7 pm:  Coming to the Table (CTTT) – Baltimore Group.  CTTT groups provide a forum for the transformative work of undoing racism by meeting regularly for truth-telling, deep dialogue, building relationships, healing, and taking action to dismantle inequitable systems and structures based on “race.”  For more information and/or to get on the Baltimore group's email list, visit https://comingtothetable.org/organizer/md-baltimore/.
Saturday, May 30, from 9 am to noon:  Planning Workshop with the SIT (Structure in Transition) Committee.  SIT has been asked to help Stony Run look at how our structure could continue the good things we have today and also move us into the future, but the committee needs the Meeting community’s help in that process.  Come and add your perspective to the discussion.  Please RSVP to SIT@stonyrunfriends.org so that the committee can properly plan for this gathering (including for refreshments at 8:30 that morning).
Sunday, May 31, from 9 to 10:30 am:  All-Meeting Breakfast.  Everyone is invited to attend and share in what is always very good food!  This annual event is a rich opportunity for social time with each other, plus we get to hear from several members about their path to Stony Run Friends Meeting.  If you’d like to contribute a favorite dish to the breakfast, please do so!
Friends Community Garden:  email friendscommunitygarden@gmail.com if you wish to be contacted directly about small-group or solo volunteer options.
The "Racial Justice" Listserv for the Baltimore region has been updated to include only online events, webinars, and information, so that we can continue educating ourselves about racial justice. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hp7bui63xm1lp4uVosd3RLgC39vBXL3FMvB8...
GEDCO’s CARES pantry:  CARES is experiencing a much increased demand for food – especially rice, soups (except for tomato), baked beans, pasta, pasta sauce, canned vegetables, canned fruit, cereals, macaroni & cheese, and canned tuna; grocery bags (paper, plastic or reusable) are also needed, and families with babies need disposable wipes and diapers.  Even though the meetinghouse is closed, donations for CARES continue to be delivered to CARES every Wednesday morning.  A collection box for your donations is sitting outside the lower level double doors.  Many thanks to everyone for helping our neighbors in need.
Social Order Box:  Donations during February and March go to Asylee Women Enterprise.  “AWE" journeys with asylum seekers and other forced migrants as they navigate the immigration legal process, begin to heal from past trauma and rebuild their lives.  Checks for the Social Order Box can be mailed to the meetinghouse.  Make checks payable to Stony Run Friends, with ‘S.O. Box’ on the memo line.
Jonathan Taylor scholarships to Swarthmore College:  With preference to members of the Baltimore Yearly Meeting community, a total of $15,000 may be awarded for the 2020-2021 academic year.  For information, or to apply by the June 1 deadline, contact Cindy Maier.
From the Office
Office hours:  The meetinghouse office is closed, with staffers working from home Monday through Thursday.  If you need to contact Larry or Cindy, please use email, if possible; they will also periodically check for voice messages.
First Day silent announcements:  Items to be included are due by noon on the preceding Wednesday.
Monthly Newsletter:  Reports, news and articles for the May issue are due April 15.
Contact the office to have the newsletter (and First Day silent announcements) emailed to you.
Giving to the Meeting
Contributions toward the Meeting’s operating budget can be mailed to the meetinghouse.
Stony Run Friends Meeting • 5116 North Charles Street, Baltimore MD 21210 • www.stonyrunfriends.org
Office Manager • sroffice@stonyrunfriends.org • 443-703-2590, ext. 3
Meeting Facilitator • larry@stonyrunfriends.org • 443-703-2591