Take Action

Want to be involved in the Stony Run community without making a large commitment?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Help with clean-up after Simple Lunch
  • Help with Friends Community Garden
  • Donate to support Stony Run Friends Meeting (collection box is in the main floor hall)
  • Bring food staples for the CARES food pantry
  • Participate in the Vigil at Homewood Friends Meeting (3107 N. Charles St.) on Fridays between 5 and 6
  • Come to the Court Watch sponsored by the Peace and Justice committee
  • Volunteer to tutor English as a Second Language at the Esperanza Center
  • Volunteer at the McKim Community Center
  • Donate for Social Order projects (collection box is in the main floor hall)
  • Contact legislators about issues you care about and tell others you are doing it (For specific current topics visit Friends Committee on National Legislation for federal issues and Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform for state issues related to mass incarceration)

And if you can make a longer term commitment:

  • Help with First Day School as a teacher, assistant teacher, or substitute
  • Agree to serve on a committee
  • See the weekly silent announcements and monthly newsletter for more ways to help