Quaker Weddings

Are you interested in being married at Stony Run Meeting in the traditional Quaker manner?  Quaker weddings differ from the traditional Protestant ceremony in significant ways. There is no one who officiates. Based on the tenet that only God can join a couple in marriage, the couple enters the meeting room together, as equals, and marries in the presence of God, their family, friends and members of the Meeting.  

A Quaker wedding is a Meeting for Worship. There is a period of silent worship during which those present may be moved to speak regarding the union of this couple. A marriage certificate is signed by all in attendance as witnesses to the marriage, thus meeting one of the legal requirements validating this marriage and affirming the community’s support of the couple.

Couples, one or both of whom are members of the Religious Society of Friends or who are regular attenders, may be married at Baltimore Monthly Meeting of Friends, Stony Run, under the care of the Meeting. To be married under the care of the Meeting, the couple needs to make their request to the Community, Care and Clearness Committee at least four months before the wedding. A marriage license from the local county, city or other state office is required to ensure the legality of the wedding.

Couples not directly connected with the Meeting but who are related to Friends School (faculty or former students) or other Friends organizations may be married in the meetinghouse by making arrangements with a clergy person or public official of their choosing and clearing the date with the Stony Run Meeting office.

If you are interested in having a Quaker wedding, please contact the office at 443-703-2590 for further information.