Meeting of the 70+ Club

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What is the 70+ Club?

1) That a social group be formed and identified by a title such as “The 70+ Club of Stony Run”. It would include persons of 70 years and older who have interest in issues affecting the elderly. However, there was consensus that younger people would not be excluded and the group would be open to people not affiliated with Stony Run.

2) That the purposes of the group would include: a) focusing on the health and wellness of members and attenders of the Baltimore Monthly Meeting, Stony Run. b) providing a social component where members of the “70+ Club” will meet periodically to discuss issues that are of interest to members of the group and to ensure that members feel safe in sharing their challenges and other experiences as they age. c) extending the reach of the Meeting to the broader community through partnerships with organizations and individuals who are interested in and can assist in providing services to the elderly who are aging in place or who do not have the financial resources to meet their health and wellness needs. Everyone who is interested is invited to the next meeting January 14th, 2018 Double Classroom during simple lunch. Grab some lunch and bring your ideas and energy to the gathering