Library Committee

The Library Committee provides and maintains books, magazines, and study materials for Meeting. It purchases publications by and about Friends, books for inspirational reading, materials which supplement the First-Day School curriculum, and carefully selected children's books.  We have several types of finding aids – both online (see below) and printed.

The library catalog can be searched on the web via this page.

All circulating books are arranged and coded below by marked bookcase sections (A-K) and within each section by shelves 1-6 with 1 being the top shelf (ex. C3 is bookcase section C, third shelf down).

Library Collection – Catalogued as of Jan 15, 2017
Children’s books are as follows:

J2 Young Adult non-fiction
J3 and K3 Young Adult fiction
J4,5 and K4,5     Elementary school age
J6,7 and K6,7 Read-aloud books, arranged by author name

The bulk of the collection is ordered by the modified Dewey decimal system, starting with section C, shelf 2 (C2) and going to I5. Specific areas of interest are:

Topic Call # Shelf Location
Audio-visual AV C6 or B3
Religion 200-299 C2 through G2
Bible 220 C3
Christian theology 230 C4 and C5
Christian devotional lit 240 C5, D2, D3
Christian social theology    260-269 D3 and D4
Quakerism 289.6 D4 through F5
Philosophy 289.6.1 "
Worship 289.6.242 "
Social action 289.6.36 and 289.6.83     "
History 289.6.9 "
Biography 289.6.921 "
Stony Run history 289.6.9753 "
Other religions 290-299 F5 and F6
Racial justice in U.S. 305.896 and 323.1196 G3 through G5
Peace 300-369 G2 through H2
Fiction Author’s name I4 and I5

Reference Sections

Pendle Hill pamphlets -- bound L3, L4 unbound L5. Unbound pamphlets may be borrowed, just leave a note giving your name and the one you borrowed. Link to Pendle Hill pamphlets.

Friends Journal – bound L1, L2, L3, for use in library only
Frends Journal Index link

Books of special interest to newcomers are catalogued as section NEW and are on the cadenza on the left side of the room, as are some other books newly added to the collection.

Special collections include the Reading Reference Room (downstairs, room 103) where books are available for reading and research, but not to be taken out of the building. These books are all marked as RRR in the catalog. Reference biographies of individuals are located in the bookcase nearest the door and are marked RRR.BIO. Followed by the first three letters of the subjects last name. On the right bottom shelf of this wall are collective biographies marked as RRR.BIO.COL.

The bookcases to the right of the window are organized as follows:

Call # Meaning Location
RRR.QUA       Quaker philosophy Top two left shelves
RRR.NA Quakers in North America Third shelf on left
RRR.CON Conflict among Quakers Fourth shelf down on left
RRR.WW Quakers in Wider World Next to bottom shelf on left
RRR.EUR Quakers in Europe Bottom shelf on left
RRR.EDU Education Top right shelf
RRR.BYM BYM history Second shelf on right
RRR.LOC Baltimore including oversize    Third and bottom shelves on right
RRR.CIV Racial Justice in U.S. Fourth shelf down on right

Other oversize are shelved on the next to bottom shelf on right