Friendly Eats


Stony Run Meeting is happy to introduce "Themed Friendly Eats"!  Friendly Eats are social gatherings at people's homes to share food and fellowship.  A Quaker tradition, Friendly Eats were originally called Friendly Eights.  They were potluck meals with around 8 people who gather at someone’s house.  The name eventually evolved away from a specific number.  And, thanks to the idea from Lancaster Meeting, we've decided to add themes to make them more diverse and fun.  

Here are the upcoming Friendly Eats, please register using the link for the one(s) you're interested in.



March 12, 6:00 -- a No-Book Book Club at the home of Betsy Forbush.  We gather for dinner and talk about whatever we are reading and enjoying with a willingness to share.

March 21, 6:00 -- a potluck supper and game night for LGBTQ Adult Friends at the home of Alessa Giampaolo Keener and Nic Nicodemus. See signup sheet on the bulletin board outside the office at the meeting OR email

March 29, 6:00 -- a sing-along at the home of Paul Phillips & Carol Seddon.

April 5, 6:00 -- a game night at the home of Erin Roth and Chris Giannella.

April 18, 6:00 -- a Jeffersonian dinner at the home of Kathy Vizachero, around the topic “In an increasingly confrontational world, how do we as Quakers celebrate and elevate those we see as different from ourselves?"

If you would like to host one of these, please contact Paul Phillips (  We're still looking for people to host them.  Some ideas for theme are board games, crafts for kids, sing-along, dancing or improvisational movement, Pendle Hill Pamphlet discussion, etc.  Choose one of these or come up with your own!