Brief Bibliography of Quaker Readings

The list below is a selection of introductory materials, many of which are available for sale at Stony Run, or may be borrowed from Stony Run’s Library.  Many more Quaker publications, books, pamphlets, and video and audio recordings are available from Pendle Hill Bookstore (610-566-4514), Quaker Books of Friends General Conference (800-966-4556) and Quaker Hill Bookstore (800-537-8838).

General Interest:

Faith and Practice of the Baltimore Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends 1988.

Borg, Marcus.   Reading the Bible Again for the First Time.  San Francisco:  Harper, 2002.

Brinton, Howard H.  Friends for 350 Years.  Pendle Hill, 2002.

Mallonee, Barbara, Jane Bonny, and Nicholas Fessenden.  Minute by Minute.  Arcade, 1992.

Peck, George T.  What is Quakerism?  A Primer.  Pendle Hill, 1988.

Wink, Walter.  The Human Being:  Jesus and the Enigma of the Son of Man.  Fortress, 2001.

Spirituality and Worship:

Gorman, George.  The Amazing Fact of Quaker Worship.  Quaker Home Service, 1973.

Gulley, Phillip and James Mulholland.  If Grace Is True.  Harper Collins, 2003.

Kelly, Thomas.  A Testament of Devotion.  Harper, 1992.

Punshon, John.  Encounter With Silence: Reflections from the Quaker Tradition. Friends United Press, 1987.

Steere, Douglas.  “On Speaking Out of Silence:  Vocal Ministry in the Unprogrammed Meeting for Worship”.    Pendle Hill Pamphlet #182.

Steere, Douglas.  “Prayer in the Contemporary World”.  Pendle Hill Pamphlet #291.

Tabor, William.  “Four Doors to Meeting for Worship.”  Pendle Hill Pamphlet #306.

Personal Experience:

Bacon, Margaret Hope.  Mothers of Feminism:  The Story of Quaker Women in America. Quaker Press, 1995.

Brinton, Howard H.  Quaker Journals:  Varieties of Religious Experience Among Friends.  Pendle Hill, 1972.

Fox, George.  The Journal of George Fox.  John Nichols, ed. Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1997.

Ingle, Larry.  First Among Friends:  George Fox and the Creation of Quakerism.  Oxford, 1996.

Woolman, John.  The Journal and Major Essays of John Woolman.  Phillips Moulton, ed. Friends United Press,            1987.


Brinton, Howard H.  Guide to Quaker Practice.  Pendle Hill, 1943.

Hamm, Thomas D.  The Quakers in America.  Columbia, 2003.

Jones, Rufus.  The Faith and Practice of the Quakers.  Friends United Press, 2002.

Morley, Barry.  Beyond Consensus:  Salvaging the Sense of the Meeting.  Pendle Hill, 1996.

Sheeran, Michael J.  Beyond Majority Rule:  Voteless Decision-Making in the Religious Society of Friends.        Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1983.


De Hartog, Jan.  The Peaceable Kingdom:  An American Saga.  Antheneum, 1972.

Gulley, Phillip.  Home to Harmony.  San Francisco:  Harper, 2001.

Vining, Elizabeth Gray.  Virginia Exiles.  Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 2002.

West, Jessamyn.  Friendly Persuasion.  Harcourt Brace, 1991.

For Children:

Clark, Marnie, et al, eds.  Lighting Candles in the Dark.  Quaker Press of FGC, 1992.

De Angeli, Marguerite.  Thee Hanna!  Herold, 2000.

Turkle, Brinton.  Rachel and Obadiah.  Penguin, 1969.

Hadley, Abby.  We’re Going to Meeting for Worship.  Quaker Press of FGC, 1996.

Pfeil, Clifford.  Benjamin the Meeting House Mouse.  Friends Journal, 1996.

Clark, Marnie.  Lives That Speak.  Quaker Press of FGC, 2004.