Baltimore Quaker Peace & Justice

Baltimore Quaker Peace & Justice works to keep the peace testimony a living concern and responds to problems of social inequities and human needs. One current focus is addressing the problems of violence in Baltimore City. To this end it works closely with the youth work of  Unified Efforts in the Penn-North area as well as supporting Amazing Grace Lutheran and Clay Pots in their work. Another initiative is working with the Maryland Alliance for Justice Reformwhich lobbies to end mass incarceration in the state. Their pre-trial focus for the 2017 legislative session will be the ending of the system of money bail. They also are working on conditions in prisons and on assisting returning citizens.

The committee also supports the vigil at Homewood Friends Meeting (3107 N Charles St.) every Friday from 5 to 6 p.m. in support of peace and affirming that Black Lives Matter.  Committee members often attend court sessions to observe how the Baltimore City courts function, especially in how bail is set. In the Fall of 2016 the Peaceable City subcommittee is sponsoring discussions every Tuesday from 7 to 9 p.m. at Homewood about racism and violence in Baltimore City. Each discussion is preceded by viewing a TED talk.

Members of the committee are working on many other issues, including:

  • Decreasing use of solitary confinement in Maryland prisons
  • Supporting refugees from Syria and Central America
  • Peace tax resistance
  • Closing Guantanamo and ensuring that the U.S. never uses torture again
  • Opposing Islamophobia

In addition the committee chooses the recipients of the Stony Run social order box and Homewood wicker basket, which gives meeting members and attenders an opportunity to make contributions to an organization doing good work that is not supported by the meeting’s budget.

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